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About Us

Based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, EduDream is committed to deliver world-class education, enabling students from diverse financial backgrounds to access top-quality education. Specializing in English-Taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in Austria, we offer comprehensive support to our clients. Our strong network in Austria ensures that we provide detailed guidance, ranging from initial profile evaluations to post-arrival assistance in Austria.


Our services are meticulously crafted to cover the entire admissions process, specifically designed for students seeking English-Taught programs in Austria. Whether you are preparing to embark on your academic journey or need assistance navigating your study abroad experience, EduDream is your trusted partner in achieving educational success abroad.

Live In Austria

Why Austria

High-Quality Education System

Austrian universities are well-regarded globally for their strong research and quality education emphasis. Institutions like the University of Vienna, Vienna University of Technology, Johannes Kepler University,  and the University of Innsbruck offer a wide range of programs in various disciplines.

Affordable Tuition Fee

Most public universities in Austria have a tuition fee of around 750 Euros (around 67,000 INR) per semester, while some universities do not have any tuition fees. You can easily cover this cost with part-time job opportunities. Explore international studies through Joint Programs at Austrian universities, offering semesters at global universities for enhanced educational exposure.

Diverse Range of Study Programs

Students can choose from a variety of study programs that are taught in both German and English. This makes Austria a viable option for international students who prefer courses in English, with many courses even without IELTS requirements. Approximately, there are over 100 English-taught Bachelors and around 300 English-taught Masters.

Strategic Location

In the heart of Europe, Austria offers excellent travel opportunities to other European countries. This makes it an ideal base for students wishing to explore more of Europe during their studies.

Students Friendly

Universities in Austria offer a range of support services to help international students adapt to life in Austria. These include assistance with visa processes, housing, and integration into campus life.

Affordable Healthcare

With public insurance of around 65 Euros, most of the healthcare services are offered free in Austria, and this can be extended to other countries in the EU as well.

Culture & Landscape

Austria is known for its cultural and artistic heritage being home to classical composers such as Mozart, Beethoven. The country has a long art tradition, and houses numerous museums, galleries and art collections. Austria is an appealing destination for nature enthusiasts. The alpine scenery is beautiful all year round with stunning views of locations like Alpbach and Zell am See which look like something out of a fairytale, and are certainly worth experiencing. Mountains, lakes and forests are hard to avoid in Austria.

Work Opportunities

International students in Austria are allowed to work part-time during their studies, which can help offset living costs and provide valuable work experience. Additionally, there are opportunities to stay in Austria after graduation, especially for those who have gained skilled experience.

Safe and Livable Environment

Austria consistently ranks as one of the safest and most livable countries globally. The high standard of living, clean environment, and efficient public transportation make it a comfortable place for students to live. Vienna is consistently ranked as the most livable city globally based on the Global Liveability Index.


Natural Science Courses

Natural Science

Physics Astronomy Geophysics Atmospheric Science Meteorology Material Science Electrical and Electronics Health Science Neuroscience Biotechnology Medical Biology Molecular Biology Pharmaceutical Agriculture and Food Botony Environmental Science Computer Science Mathamatics Statistics Chemistry Geography

Business and Economics Courses

Business & Economics

Business Analytics Economics Business Administration and Global Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship Banking & Finance Marketing Communication & Leadership

Engineering and Technology Courses

Engineering & Technology

Software Engineering Artificial Intelligence Robotics Data Science Digital Engineering Telecommunication Signal Processing Mechanical Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Chemical Engineering Polymer Technology Petroleum Engineering Energy Engineering Mining & Metallurgy Biomedical Engineering Pharmaceutical Engineering Production Science Material Engineering

Arts Literature and Social Science Courses

Arts, Literature & Social Science

English and Literature Arts and AI European Studies Literature & Culture Communication Science Media Communication Linguistics History Phylosophy Urban Studies Sociology Sustainability Studies Organization Studies Peace Studies Demography

Note - The list is not exhaustive. Some of these courses are offered only in the Masters program and may have additional selection criteria.


Course Selection & Admission Assistance

  1. Profile Screening

  2. Course Recommendation

  3. Transcript Gathering

  4. Document Apostille

  5. Language Certificate Guidance

  6. Application Submission

Residence Permit & Visa Guidance

  1. Application Form Guidance

  2. Financial Documents Advising

  3. Educational Loan Assistance

  4. Health Insurance Guidance

  5. Accommodation Suggestions

  6. Forex Card Recommendations

  7. Flight Ticket Assistance

Post - Arrival Support

  1. Arrival in Austria - Information booklet

  2. Pick-up Support

  3. Enrollment Help 

  4. Meldezettel Guidance

  5. Sim Card & Travel Pass Suggestions

  6. Support for Bank Account Opening

  7. Assistance with Austrian Health Insurance 

  8. Guidance on RP Card Collection

Note - Some of these services are add-ons and depend on your chosen package. Contact us for customised service packages. RP application fee is not included in our service costs. This needs to be paid directly at the Austrian Embassy in New Delhi.

  • What are the stages involved in the student application processing?
    Applicant Profile Screening University and Course Suggestions Course Application RP proceedings after receiving the admit letter Visa D Processing On arrival support in Austria
  • What are the types of courses offered in Austrian Universities?
    Universities in Austria offer a wide range of courses in streams like Natural Science, Engineering & Technology, Business & Economy, Arts & Literature and Social Science. For a detailed list of courses, pls refer to our Courses section.
  • What is the stay-back period in Austria after completing studies?
    After the completion of studies, a student can apply for a visa extension for 1 year during which he can find jobs in Austria.
  • How long does it take to receive the admit letter?
    Public universities take some time to provide the admit letters. Depending on the university, an admit letter can take anywhere between 1 month to 6 months.
  • Do you need IELTS/TOEFL for English-taught programs in Austria?
    Many universities allow you to study without these exams. You can provide a medium of instruction from your undergraduate university, or your high school in case of Bachelor’s enrollment.
  • Which package should I choose?
    You can schedule a call with us to discuss your needs. In case you need unlimited applications, we can provide a customised package that meets your requirements. The package also depends on the add-on services you are choosing. Contact us for more information.
  • Which are the major universities in Austria?
    University ranking seldom matters when selecting a course in Austria. Public universities are relatively standardised. Some of the well-known universities are TU Wien, University of Vienna, TU Graz, Johannes Kepler University, FH Wels, amongst others. These institutions are either universities (research-oriented) or FHs (more practical, university of applied sciences) .
  • Do you have contacts in Austria?
    We have a network in Austria that helps you settle in the country. Our network consists of students and professionals that will help you adjust to the country, and to get a head-start once you arrive in the country.
  • What about part-time jobs in Austria?
    Most students work part-time to take care of their living expenses in Austria. Obtaining a part-time job is not difficult, and also depends on the region. It is recommended to start studying German, as the opportunities increase dramatically once you know the language.
  • How is the weather in Austria?
    The winters are cold, with the average temperature being 1˚C, and the summers are hot (average 24˚C) . The weather is usually pleasant. You can drink the tap water in Austria.
  • Is it easy to travel around in Austria?
    Austrian public transport is amongst the best in the world, with a well-connected network of buses, trams and trains. Vienna has a world-class underground railway system as well. Most people use public transport for their daily commute. You can also get travel passes like the Klimaticket and Vorteilscard to reduce travel costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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